Mr. Siddharth Pawar

Sky Oasis founded and led by young, dynamic and enterprising personality Mr. Siddharth Pawar who is the Proprietor of the company; ensures the smooth flow of the processes and the dynamic management of the organization. He is a person who is not bound by limitations, and believes that the sky is the limit. With the aim and objective of delivering the most premium and exquisite commodities like seafood, spices, packaging papers, apparels and much more. He has established strong bonds with our suppliers and strategic partners/ customers based on trust, business ethics, honesty and integrity which make Sky Oasis a reliable player in the global market.

Mr. Saurabh Pawar: The Engine Behind Our Market Reach

Having core expertise in areas of marketing and branding, he has worked extensively on expanding Sky Oasis' global presence. He has built a strong clientele in various countries, effectively showcasing the spectrum of commodities that we offer. He is the core of our vision of expanding to all six continents, boosting competitiveness and strengthening the fundamental relationship based on values with our customers. During the initial days of Sky Oasis, he has worked on the digital marketing aspect of our digital outreach program which proved to be very effective in bringing us to where we are today.

Vignesh K R Iyer: The driving force behind Sky Oasis' export operations

The expansion of Sky Oasis' global footprint is due to the ingenuity of Mr. Vignesh, who during the foundation year of Sky Oasis thought that we must export the beautiful sea produce that we were dealing with. His tireless work to showcase the potential of Sky Oasis to customers across the globe laid the foundation for a strong customer base abroad. His principle to "Never Settle" drives Sky Oasis to explore uncharted territories each time. It is to the credit of Mr. Vignesh that Sky Oasis today is dealing with a plethora of products  He is a personality who always thinks "What more can we do?" and is never satisfied with what the organization has already achieved, be it in terms of quality or the products that we deal with.

He has vast experience in diverse fields like railway and pump manufacturing, aerospace, waste water treatment, automobile research and customer quality.


  • Seafood
  • Spices
  • Organic Fruits
  • Packaging papers

International Trading Business

Establishing business in the international market is not easy. From knowledge of international trading norms to financial stability, everything in the best form is required for setting up business in the international market. Having aforesaid and much more, we have successfully established our business in the worldwide market. We are exporting Construction TMT Steel Bars, Sea Foods, Agriculture and Sea Commodities and other items to the global market.

Fine Packaging & Timely Shipment

At Sky Oasis, high importance is given to fine packaging and timely shipment of products because we know customers satisfaction majorly depends on these factors along with quality. For fine packaging of diverse products, we use different types of packaging materials, Plastic bags, wooden boxes are a few of the packaging products that we use. The packed products are further loaded safely in trucks and other transports (depending on delivery in national and international markets). Our logistics partners ensure timely delivery of loaded products and support us in making our valuable clients happy.

Reasons To Choose Us

  • We set price of all products as per their quality
  • We indulge in timely delivery of all products in the Indian and International market
  • We commit to prioritizing customers wants and desires
  • We accept payments through different modes and ensure customers convenience.